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Through our pharmacogenetic testing we offer you an outstanding opportunity to improve prescribing safety and efficacy by studying the genetic factors that influence your patients’ reactions to particular drugs. This opens the door to personalized medicine by helping you prescribe more efficient treatments based on your patients’ genetic profiles – thereby increasing effectiveness while reducing adverse side effects. Dynacare NEXT is committed to growing this area of genetic testing. 
Drug Response Monitoring Tests
We offer companion diagnostics to monitor your patient’s response to treatment with a particular therapeutic product so you can optimize treatment regimes. Here are the drug response monitoring tests we provide:
Afinitor® (everolimus)
Cytochrome P450 mutations
Enbrel® (Etanercept)
Gleevec® (Imatinib)
Humira® (Adalimumab)
Mabthera® /Rituxan® (Rituximab)
Sprycel® (Dasatinib)
Remicade® (Infliximab)