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Pharmacogenomic Tests

OptimalRx Plus®: New name. Same trusted results.
(Formerly known as Genecept Assay®)

Why is testing with the OptimalRx Plus® a good idea?

Up to half of all patients respond poorly to the first psychiatric medication they try. That’s because everyone’s body is different, and how your body responds to a given medication is influenced by your genetic makeup, or your individual DNA.
The OptimalRx Plus® looks at key genes in your body that affect how it responds to medication. This can help your clinician understand if a drug may work for you before you even try it. With this information and your history, your clinician can find the right treatments so you can feel better, faster.

Order your OptimalRx Plus® now for only $495.


What is the OptimalRx Plus®?

The Optimal Rx Plus® is a test that looks at genes that may affect your body’s ability to benefit from certain drugs and other treatments. OptimalRx Plus® is a unique test that looks at a group of key genes that are specific to mental health treatments. It can help your clinician decide which medication and dose may work best for your symptoms. Clinicians generally use the test to help guide their treatment plans for patients who suffer from depression, anxiety, ADHD and bipolar disorder, among other mental health conditions.
OptimalRx Plus® tests two types of genes to help your clinician make treatment decisions:
  • Pharmacodynamic genes are a type of gene that indicates the effect a drug has on the body. It helps inform the selection of drugs that are safe, with low or no side effects, and that are effective in relieving symptoms.

  • Pharmacokinetic genes are a type of gene that indicates the effect your body has on the drug, determining the speed at which the body breaks down and gets rid of the drug. The pharmacokinetic genes inform the dosage. The faster or slower your body processes a drug determines the dose that maybe required for the drug to be safe and effective.

How does this testing work? What’s the process? 

Providing a sample for the OptimalRx Plus® is simple; it requires only a small sample of your saliva, collected by swabbing the inside of your cheek with a cotton swab. The sample is sent to the laboratory for testing. Your test results are reported to your clinician 5-8 business days after your sample is received at the laboratory.

To order this test call 888-988-1888 or contact us at Healthcare providers can request specimen kits by calling customer service at 1-888-988-1888.

What do the results tell me and my clinician?

Your clinician will review your results with you and develop a personalized treatment plan specific to your genetic makeup. Dynacare always offers the services of our experts, including pharmacists and physicians, who can provide your clinician with additional guidance and explanation to understand your test results. The OptimalRx Plus® reports three possible types of results:
  • A positive or clinically significant gene result. This means you have a gene variation(s) that may affect how your body responds to medication. Each positive result will have further guidance for your clinician to consider for your treatment.

  • A negative or non-clinically significant gene result (normal). This means that the gene tested does not have a variation (is normal) and has no known effect on treatment with medications.

  • An indeterminate gene result, or a gene variation of uncertain clinical significance. This type of test result occurs rarely. An indeterminate result means we were not able to determine a positive or negative result for a given gene or variant. In these rare instances, it may be possible to retest the gene with a new sample.

OptimalRx Plus® reduces the time to find the right treatment

In a recent study, clinicians reported that 87% of their patients showed improvement with treatment guided by OptimalRx Plus®.1 They also reported improvement in 91% of patients who had failed at least two medications in the past.
Testing with the OptimalRx Plus® can help your clinician and you choose a medication and a dosage that work well for your body, whether you are new to treatment or your current treatment isn’t working. This can save you a lot of time. Best of all, you can feel better much sooner.

An expanded panel for greater insight

The OptimalRx Plus® includes:
  • 26 well-characterized, well-annotated genes, extensively supported in peer-reviewed publications to affect treatment for psychiatric conditions

  • A report with more than 195 citations to the literature

  • 15 pharmacodynamic genes, 11 pharmacokinetic genes

Genetic counsellors are here to help 

Do you need to clarify what your results mean? Are you interested in the science behind genetic testing? Would you like more information before proceeding with the test? Dynacare’s genetic counsellors are available for a complimentary consultation. Genetic counselling is available in English and French. 
In addition to genetic counsellor support, Dynacare can provide access to our in house pharmacist to help determine optimal treatment.

To schedule a consultation, or to learn more about the OptimalRx Plus®, call 888-988-1888 or contact us at

Order your OptimalRx Plus® now for only $495.

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1. Brennan FX et al. Prim Care Companion CNS Disord 2015:17(2).