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The Future of Genetic Testing

Specialized scientists and Dynacare work together to support healthy lives around the world

Canadian science is making a big impact on care around the world thanks to a team based out of Bowmanville, Ontario. The Dynacare Centre for Precision Diagnostics has partnered with internationally sought-after Canadian scientists to provide cutting-edge genetic test solutions globally.
“In genetics, every disease is rare,” explains Dr. Brenda Gallie, Founding Laboratory Director and Retinoblastoma Medical Director at Dynacare. “Creating a global market is key for Canadian scientists to make new discoveries and maximize their impact on patients with a specific genetic disease.”
The Dynacare Centre has significant international reach – more than 85 per cent of the samples tested are from patients outside of Ontario. Half are from the US and other patient samples come from countries such as Denmark, Ireland, Chile, Jordan, Singapore and China.

Launching Canadian tests in the US market can be challenging, however Dynacare is able to overcome these barriers through its US parent company, LabCorp. LabCorp has partnerships with thousands of US health insurance providers, which provides Dynacare with a pipeline to test US samples in its Ontario genetics lab.
An example of this pipeline in action is the Dynacare test for hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT). This test was developed in partnership with Dr. Michelle Letarte, Senior Scientist at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Dr. Letarte discovered the link between HHT and the ENG gene. The HHT hereditary genetic test is now available to US customers through the LabCorp test menu and is performed in Ontario at the Dynacare Centre for Precision Diagnostics. 

Recently, the Dynacare Centre for Precision Diagnostics opened its doors to politicians, dignitaries, business leaders and members of the scientific community to showcase its world class personalized medicine testing solutions.  

Dynacare is continually expanding its internationally-recognized menu of genetic testing solutions. Naseem Somani, Dynacare President and CEO, explains, “We’re investing in precision diagnostics and building more partnerships to provide outstanding quality and care globally.”
Dynacare is currently searching for Canadian innovations and partnerships to bring new and unique genetic test solutions to the Canadian, US and international markets. Contact Franny Jewett at Dynacare for more information.