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After My Test

What happens to my specimen(s) after I leave the Laboratory and Health Services Centre?

After your sample is collected, it is transported by a Dynacare courier to one of our testing facilities, where it is processed and tested by highly qualified, provincially certified medical technologists and technicians using the latest methods and state-of-the-art instrumentation. Once results are obtained, they are promptly communicated to the requesting healthcare provider for consultation with you, the patient. 

How are the results reported to my doctor?

 All Dynacare test results are printed on a computer-generated report form, which may be distributed with one of Dynacare’s couriers or by fax. Some health care providers prefer to receive the information electronically, through a secure link between their computer system and our computer network. Any clinically significant abnormal results are promptly telephoned to your healthcare provider.  

How soon will my healthcare provider receive my results? 

Most routine test results are reported within 24 hours. Some tests require more time for processing or to allow for growth of microorganisms. These results can take several days or even weeks to report. Any clinically significant abnormal results are promptly called in to your healthcare provider. 

Are my laboratory test results confidential?

All tests results are highly confidential. Dynacare has strict guidelines to ensure that only the referring healthcare provider receives your test results. If your healthcare provider requests that we forward your results to another clinician, we will do so. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy, available on this web site. 

Can you tell me my results? 

In accordance with privacy legislation, when your healthcare practitioner has requested our laboratory services and has not authorized you to receive the results directly, we will not release your laboratory results directly to you, except in some exceptional circumstances. Laboratory test results can be meaningless or misleading in the absence of other findings by your healthcare provider.  In addition, the law prevents us from releasing results if there is a reasonable likelihood that doing so could lead to injury (including the possibility of self-medicating).  For all of these reasons, access may be delayed.  We do encourage you to discuss your laboratory test results directly with your healthcare provider.