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Paternity / Kinship

Dynacare offers paternity and kinship DNA tests for personal, legal, immigration and estate purposes. Administered at our Orchid PRO-DNA locations in Laval, QC, and Vancouver, BC, these tests are accurate, confidential and delivered in a timely and sensitive manner. 

Paternity Tests

Using advanced DNA analysis methods, we offer four kinds of tests to determine whether or not a tested individual is the biological father of a child:
  • Tests for personal fact-verification, which involve taking cheek swab samples at home. Results from this type of test cannot be used in court or other legal proceedings.
  • Tests for legal purposes, which require specimen to be collected at a third-party site, with the intention of using the results in court or other legal proceedings.
  • Prenatal test, when the mother and/or alleged father wish to determine paternity before the child is born.
  • Deceased alleged father test, which involve analyzing specimen samples from known living relatives or from the personal effects of the deceased.
Kinship Tests for Immigration
Dynacare provides DNA testing to provide proof of biological relationships for immigration purposes. Working with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Canadian embassies, we collect samples, through cheek swabs, from the appropriate parties in Canada and abroad. We also ensure the samples are sent promptly and securely to our lab facilities in Canada. 

Kinship tests for estate claims

We do DNA testing for use in assessing the validity of estate claims. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to use a pathology or autopsy sample from the deceased, or ask the funeral home to help us collect a sample. In cases where the body has already been buried or cremated, it is possible to take samples from living relatives of the deceased.