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Pap Test

Protect yourself from Cervical Cancer

A Pap test could save your life. It can identify pre-cancerous cellular changes that could develop into invasive cancer. One out of 152 women develop cervical cancer in their lifetime. If caught early, chances of curing it are greater.

The Pap Test offered by Dynacare is the gold standard around the world
The liquid-based test is used in the screening and detection of cervical cancer, pre-cancerous lesions, atypical cells and more. It is superior to the conventional Pap smear method because studies have shown it has been proven to pick up more abnormal cells. It is also faster, with results usually within three business days, and has better detection of abnormal cells, including 64.4% increased detection of HSIL+ (high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion), a significant pre-cancerous condition.
If you are over the age of 21, it is recommended that you have a Pap test every two to three years.

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