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Digestive Conditions

Digestive conditions are often the result of food sensitivities or intolerances, which can develop at any stage in life. You may have a food sensitivity if you constantly suffer from gas, bloating, abdominal pain, itchy skin, chronic pain or headache, and chronic fatigue. Unlike food allergies, where symptoms appear almost immediately after eating, food sensititvity symptoms may be delayed for hours, days or weeks. This makes it hard to diagnose this condition.
Using a leading-edge technology called Genarrayt microarray, the Food IgG Antibody Test* (Food Sensititvity Test) from Dynacare, measures over 220 specific foods in duplicate to produce results with higher accuracy than other tests. The food extracts used for testing are prepared mostly from organic foods and extensively washed to remove any pesticides, microorganisms or other contaminants that could affect test results. You have the option to get tested for 120 or 220 food extracts. 

Results and more 

In addition to your Food Sensitvity Test results, Dynacare will also provide you with information and tools to help you manage your food sensitivity. These include:
  • Instructions on how to rotate and eliminate certain foods from your current diet
  • List of foods to watch out for, with details on other foods that may contain ingredients you can’t tolerate
  • List of nutrients you’ll need to get from other sources once you eliminate the foods you're sensitive to
  • A grocery list based on your problem foods
  • Your action plan to help you list your problem foods and plan how to replace them
  • A food and symptom diary to help you track your progress as you change your diet
* The Food IgG Antibody test is not available in Quebec.

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