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Allergy Testing

Think You Have an Allergy?

It is estimated that one in four people suffer from allergies. That’s when your immune system reacts to certain foods, pollens, dust or medications by producing antibodies that trigger particular symptoms. These symptoms can range from sneezing and itchy eyes – to severe or even life-threatening reactions called anaphylaxis. The good news is there are simple tests available to help you find out if you are allergic to a particular substance and help you manage your allergy.

Tests for 100+ different allergens

Dynacare tests for more than 100 different allergens – such as food, animal dander, pollens, mould, trees, weeds, grasses and insect venom. In addition, we also test for more than 20 allergen components, such as peanut components. We use two types of tests – a skin prick test, where an Allergist places a small amount of allergen on your skin and gently scratches the skin to see if there is a reaction, and a blood test, where just one blood sample can be used to test for multiple allergens and allergen components.

Talk to your healthcare provider about getting an allergy test

Find out more by accessing our Dynacare Allergy brochure

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