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Dynacare Plus expands digital offerings with access to mental health therapy and virtual care

Beacon and Tia services added to roster of add-ons available to Dynacare Plus users
Brampton, Ont.: In an increasingly online and physically-distanced world, access to personalized healthcare that can be delivered digitally has never been more important. Dynacare Plus has introduced two new services that will provide users with digital mental health therapy and virtual care from wherever they are, to provide quicker and more convenient access to professional care.
Dynacare Plus, an online and mobile platform that customers can use to manage their health remotely, supports both users’ physical and mental health – with the goal of inspiring customers to be engaged and empower to take control of their own care. Users are now able to access BEACON to receive therapist-guided digital mental health therapy as well as virtual medical care from Canadian Physicians through Tia Health Services, on their computer or mobile device (iOS/Android).
“We’re pleased to be collaborating with such strong partners in the virtual healthcare delivery space,” said Brendon Lalonde, Vice President of Business Development, Client Services and Solutions. “This latest innovation will bring convenience and access to vital services for our customers and supports the ongoing digitization of our business.”
With BEACON, Dynacare Plus users will be guided by a therapist to build coping skills that empower them to better manage life's demands and challenges. Users will benefit from clinically proven cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that is delivered securely and confidentially by qualified therapists to their digital device. CBT is an effective first-line therapy to improve a wide range of mental well-being concerns.
In addition, Dynacare Plus’s new partnership with Tia Health provides virtual care for patients, which allows Canadians to access licensed physicians at any time, from any device. Together with Dynacare Plus and Tia Health, users will be able to access lab results, get explanations of what their results mean to their health, track and manage next steps, as well as store all relevant health information in one secure, well-organized place.
“Our customers increasingly need access to healthcare services that are delivered virtually, be it for their mental or physical health and wellbeing,” said Rob Bucciarelli, Director, Digital Health and Commercial Strategy. “The new additions from Tia Health and BEACON provide a convenient, accessible option for virtual care, that will help our customers improve their overall health and wellness.”
”The commitment at Dynacare to Canadians’ overall health and wellness is exceptional and we’re proud to partner with them,” says Sam Duboc, Chair and CEO of MindBeacon. “With BEACON therapy available on the Dynacare Plus platform, more Canadians will be able to access affordable and effective therapy to improve their mental health.”
“As virtual healthcare becomes a primary means of healthcare delivery in Canada, timely access to physicians and the corresponding ability to review tests ordered and performed online in a secure portal has become critical." said Matthew Mazzuca, Co-Founder of Tia Health. "We are proud to work with Dynacare Plus to ensure that our patients have access to all relevant healthcare information from their homes allowing us to continue to eliminate barriers to timely care for all Canadians, especially those with limited mobility, access or time, to visit a clinic."

Benefits of BEACON:
  • Demonstrated to improve symptoms related to a range of mental well-being concerns, from mild to severe - including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and insomnia. In October 2020, BEACON will expand its range of addressable concerns to include Managing Stress and Chronic Pain Management.
  • Access to a dedicated mental health professional – BEACON therapists are registered mental health professionals who work one-to-one with each user to support their improvement entirely through secure digital messaging.
  • Anytime availability and accessibility – Since BEACON is completely digital, there are no appointments or phone calls needed (available across Canada in both English and French).
  • Demonstrated as effective as face-to-face CBT or medication. Four in five users experience improvement in their symptoms.
How does Tia work?
  • Book an Appointment Online: no more waiting for hours in a walk-in clinic, or weeks to see a doctor. Appointments with doctors can be booked at a time and day that is convenient for the patient.
  • Speak to a Doctor: speak directly with doctors in Canada by phone or video, on any device, PC, Phone or Smart Phone.
  • Wrap Up: Receive referrals, requisitions and any required documents all online.
Accessing BEACON and Tia services on Dynacare Plus
BEACON and Tia services can be accessed on the Dynacare Plus or App Store websites. Dynacare Plus is available at a fee of $9.99 per year– this is a special pricing offer introduced during COVID-19 and is available for a limited time only. User privacy is the top priority, and all data is secured with bank-level encryption and stored securely in Canada. For Tia Health, virtual consults are free in Ontario, Alberta, and BC; for all other provinces they cost $30. For Beacon, their standard program is $635; Dynacare Plus customers get a discounted price of $500. Their Insight+ program is $960, and Dynacare Plus customers get a discounted price of $800.

About Dynacare
Dynacare, a LabCorp company, is committed to being Canada’s health and wellness solutions leader. Quality care is at the heart of everything we do. We are continually developing innovative programs and services to positively impact the lives of Canadians and help healthcare providers deliver the best care possible. This includes our specialized testing, convenient home care services, and Dynacare Plus, an easy-to-use online portal where individuals can understand their lab test results and manage their health.
In addition to offering the largest and most advanced menu of diagnostic and screening tests in Canada, Dynacare supports physicians in making more confident diagnoses and clinical decisions. Dynacare Genetics and Specialty Services is shaping the future by bringing advances in medical laboratory testing and innovative services to clinicians and the healthcare industry. Through Dynacare Insurance Solutions we provide fast accurate medical evidence to the insurance industry, and we are helping improve the health and safety of employees through workplace testing and wellness programs with Dynacare Workplace. Please visit to learn how we can help you.
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