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Urine microscopy: Replacement of Stockwell urine preservative tube with BD urine preservative tube

Urine samples for microscopic analysis (or microscopic urinalysis) are transported and stored in a preservative tube to maintain sample integrity. Dynacare has begun to transition from the Stockwell urine preservative tube (item number GP#TUBE-PRES) to the BD urine preservative tube (item number GP#TUBE-PRES-3) (see image). The Stockwell and BD urine microscopy preservative tubes provide equivalent stabilization properties of up to three days (72 hours) refrigerated or room temperature.

Requests for urine microscopy will not be completed unless collected in either a Stockwell or BD preservative tube. Chemical urinalysis by itself does not require a preservative tube but can be completed on the BD urine preservative tube if ordered with microscopic urinalysis.

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