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Quality Commitment

At Dynacare, our commitment to the highest level of clinical and scientific quality is central to everything we do. That’s because we believe our patients and clients deserve no less than our very best – not just sometimes, but always.  You can see this commitment on display in every facet of our company - from our training and development to our technologies, clinical procedures and service.

Quality Management

Our extensive Quality Management System (QMS) is an integral part of all Dynacare operations.  That’s why we take a proactive approach to QMS design by establishing ongoing programs to ensure we meet the both the evolving needs of our diverse client base as well as increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.  Key components of our QMS include:
  • Management review, quality planning and reporting
  • Internal corporate quality audit programs
  • Specimen acceptability protocols
  • Equipment control programs that encompass inventory, validation, maintenance, calibration and decommissioning protocols
  • Use of leading edge software to monitor quality control of analytical processes
  • Preventative and corrective action programs
  • Change control and computerized systems validation in compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
  • Document and record control systems
  • Purchasing and inventory control processes
  • External Quality Assessment (EQA) programs to verify the accuracy of methods against peer groups.  EQA programs cover all assays and include CAP, QMP-LS, Healthmetrix surveys as well as trace metals and toxicology EQA programs
  • Proactive monitoring of key indicators to assess the performance of processes against quality requirements and service level standards
  • Process improvement and planning tools to ensure robust and reliable processes
  • Training, development, continuing education and competency assessments.

Dynacare also incorporates best practices recommended by key external organizations including:
  • Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI)
  • American Association of Blood Banks (AABB)
  • National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (NACB)
  • Cancer Care Ontario.

In addition, we ensure that all the quality management programs throughout our organization are regularly assessed by regulatory agencies and accreditation organizations.

Contigency Planning

Dynacare is committed and prepared to continue service to clients during pandemic events such as COVID-19. We take the situation seriously and have implemented measures to prevent illness and continue operations during this serious situation.

To learn more about our contingency plan for COVID-19, click here


Licenses and Accreditation Certificates 

Brampton Laboratory
Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare Accreditation (IQMH)- Brampton
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) Licence- Brampton [PDF]
College of American Pathologists (CAP) Accreditation- Brampton [PDF]
CAP Accreditation Expiration Date Extended by CAP- Brampton
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments Act (CLIA) Accreditation- Brampton [PDF]
CAP Certificate of Participation in Continuous Improvement in Quality- Brampton
Standards Council of Canada – ISO 17025:2017; Test Method Development and Non-Routine Testing; Forensic Toxicology [PDF]

Bowmanville Laboratory
Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare Accreditation - Bowmanville [PDF]
MOHLTC License- Bowmanville
CAP Accreditation - Bowmanville Genetics
CAP Accreditation Expiration Date Extended by CAP - Impact Genetics
CLIA Accreditation - Bowmanville Genetics 
New York State Department of Health Certificate - Bowmanville Genetics
Edmonton Laboratory
SAMHSA Certificate of Accreditation (IITF) [PDF]
Laval Laboratory
Standards Council of Canada - ISO 15189 [PDF]
Standards Council of Canada - ISO 17025:2017 - Orchid PRO-DNA-Foresensic Biology / DNA [PDF]
COLA-Accreditation-Certificate-(2018-2020) [PDF]
MSSS Quebec - Operating Licence – Biochemistry (PDF)
MSSS Quebec - Operating Licence – Hematology (PDF)  
MSSS Quebec - Operating Licence – Microbiology (PDF)  

London Laboratory
IQMH- London
MOHLTC Licence - London [PDF]
CAP Accreditation - London [PDF]
CAP Accreditation Expiration Date Extended by CAP - London
CLIA Accreditation - London [PDF]
SAMHSA Certification - London [PDF]
Montreal Laboratory
Standards Council of Canada - ISO 15189 [PDF]
MSSS - Operating License [PDF]

Ottawa Laboratory
IQMH- Ottawa
MOHLTC Licence - Ottawa [PDF]
CAP Accreditation - Ottawa [PDF]

Peterborough Laboratory
IQMH- Peterborough

Winnipeg Laboratory
CAP Accreditation - Winnipeg [PDF]
CAP Accreditation Expiration Date Extended by CAP - Winnipeg
CPSM - MANQAP Accreditation - Chemistry [PDF]
CPSM - MANQAP Accreditation - Cytology [PDF]
CPSM - MANQAP Accreditation - Histology [PDF]
CPSM - MANQAP Accreditation - Hematology [PDF]
CPSM - MANQAP Accreditation - Microbiology [PDF]
CPSM - MANQAP Accreditation - Patient Services
CPSM - MANQAP Accreditation - Urinalysis [PDF]