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New Requisition Upload solution by Dynacare – Ontario only

September 14, 2020

New Requisition Upload solution by Dynacare delivers security, convenience and a better patient experience in Ontario

Social distancing, limited in-person appointments and reduced paper sharing are essential responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet they create complications for patients and physicians when it comes to sending and handling requisitions. Dynacare is pleased to announce the launch of a new solution in Ontario.

The new Dynacare Requisition Upload Tool is a web-based solution that improves sending and handling lab requisitions. Effective September 14, lab requisitions can be uploaded securely and conveniently for immediate availability at any Dynacare location in Ontario. The result is better quality of care, greater security and efficiency, plus an improved patient experience.

Better quality of care, improved security and convenience

The Requisition Upload solution lets physicians send single or multiple requisitions electronically in a quick, simple process. It has been designed to ensure secure handling of personal health information. If a physician prefers to email a requisition to a patient, the patient can then upload it directly to Dynacare. Both physician and patient receive immediate confirmation that their requisition has been successfully received at Dynacare.

Time-saving advantages for physicians and patients

For doctors, the Requisition Upload tool offers confidence that their requisition is in the right hands, ready for immediate sample collection at any Dynacare location in Ontario. While Dynacare continues to accept faxed requisitions, Requisition Upload is the optimal tool for ensuring streamlined, secure transmission.

Peace of mind and better patient experience

Requisition Upload sends the patient an immediate confirmation if their email address has been provided. Without disclosing any personal information, the email confirmation also advises of next steps for checking in online at the nearest Dynacare lab to complete testing. Patients can now arrive at a Dynacare lab of their choice confident that their requisition is ready for them.

3 simple steps to start using Requisition Upload now

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Upload a Requisition
  3. Complete form, attach requisition and click Submit.

For questions or technical support related to uploading a requisition, please click here