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The last decade has seen the insurance industry concentrate on devising new and more effective ways of conducting business. The overriding criteria is that any new business system must also carry the guarantee of maintaining if not improving reliability and accuracy of information – and do it faster.

The tele-interview is simply an applicant’s health history that has been obtained by a trained professional in a telephone interview.  The reports have reflex questions built into the forms, to ensure that we are able to obtain the most detailed medical history the applicant can provide.  These reports can also be expanded to include non-health information such as lifestyle or avocation questionnaires. Our report is called a MedQUEST Plus.

MedQuest Plus Process

Applicants are contacted by our centralized Call Center to complete the health history interview over the telephone.  Once completed, this information is stored in our secure and confidential website, which can only be accessed by specific individuals with the appropriate clearance.

We have established a Quality Control team that is responsible for reviewing the information obtained during the telephone interviews.  This enables us to ensure the final product released to the insurance company is a Quality product.

The completed form(s) along with the digital recording of the interview, are then sent electronically to the insurance company’s underwriting department, for immediate evaluation.
  • Since the form is transmitted to the underwriting department electronically, courier delays and lost or delayed documents are no longer an issue.
  • All information obtained in this process is completely confidential and will only be furnished to the insurance company’s Head Office.
  • Reflex questionnaires built into the form dramatically reduce the frequency of APS requests, thereby improving the overall issue time.
  • Quality Control reviews are completed daily, ensuring accurate and timely completion.
  • Extended hours for national coverage, including Saturdays and evenings.
  • Bilingual (French/English) Interviewers on staff.
  • Outbound calls are branded with the name of the Insurance Company the interview is being completed for.
  • Interview questions are customized specifically for each Insurance Company.