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Your Applicants Come First

Innovative e-Services for applicants

The insurance industry has been heavily dependent on paper-based medical evidence collection. At Dynacare Insurance Solutions, we’re differentiating ourselves by progressively transforming the way we deliver mobile insurance medical services.

Your applicants can expect to be greeted by a friendly, respectful and proficient Dynacare health professional equipped in most cases with a mobile data device that captures all insurer required medical information simply and completely.  Your applicants will be able to review their information in a clear, easy-to-follow format to confirm accuracy. They’ll also be able to sign off on a touchscreen and have their signature auto-inserted into the completed e-Services form.

All completed e-Services including 'vitals' measurements will be available in electronic format to the insurance carrier within three to 24 hours from completion.

Applicant Portal

We know your applicants have made an important decision to buy insurance to protect their loved ones. To make the application process as easy as possible, we have designed a special website called myLabWorks. It’s dedicated to helping applicants understand the process and answer their questions about what their lab tests mean. It is a secure online tool that gives them access to results from their recent laboratory tests – results that they could truly call “MINE”.

M eaningful. It provides personal results, an expected range for each test area, explains why the tests are done – and suggests next steps to take to improve their health.

I nteractive. Who says reading lab test results has to be boring? myLabWorks features interactive tools that make it easy – and fun – for applicants to learn more about their health.

N ot public. This secure online portal gives access to heart, liver and kidney laboratory test results completed as a result of the insurance application. If desired, applicants can share it with their healthcare provider.

E asy to understand. You don’t need to be a healthcare professional to understand lab test results. The report is visual appealing and information is easy to understand.