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APS Collection

Dynacare offers an Attending Physician Statement (APS) delivery service unparalleled in the industry in terms of time service and cost. Again, our local presence in a wide variety of regions affords us familiarity with local physicians and their practices, which enhances our ability to obtain the necessary information in a timely manner. This familiarity may from time-to-time also positively affect the doctor’s fee for an APS which is often a subjective decision made by the doctor.

In order to complete an APS request, we require the following:
  • A copy of a current and valid authorization from the applicant (some hospitals/doctors may require an original authorization)
  • The name of the Attending Physician from whom the report is to be requested (if possible, providing the name and/or address of the physician will expedite the APS process)
  • To be notified if the Insurance Company has requested “special attention” to any details regarding the applicant’s medical history.
At Dynacare, we have a proven track record of obtaining APS reports and forwarding them to the Insurance Company as quickly as possible. Our branch offices continually perform routine status inquiries with the physician’s office to ensure that the APS requests are handled as quickly as possible. By obtaining routine status updates from the physician’s office, we are also able to ensure that the broker is kept informed of the current order status at all times.