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Insurance Companies

At Dynacare, we have years of experience delivering paramedical and lab testing services to insurance companies across Canada.  Since the beginning we have built our business by taking a flexible approach to meet the evolving needs of our customers:  insurance companies, insurance advisors and applicants. 

We’ve built a complete end-to-end solution designed to cater to your very specific and specialized needs.  This includes:
  • fixed and mobile sample collection services
  • medical laboratory testing
  • secure electronic data collection
  • and much more
In addition, Dynacare is the only company that delivers full paramedical and lab testing services to insurance companies that’s based right here in Canada.  So you can expect to receive results faster with no risk of border delays or privacy concerns related to the U.S. Patriot Act.
We understand your need for timely, reliable information in order to qualify an insurance policy quickly and confidently.  That’s why, once an order has been received, reflexive ordering is performed according to your guidelines. Status updates and reports are provided to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date information. By streamlining the process, required samples are gathered in tandem.  This eliminates redundancy, reduces costs and accelerates your policy delivery cycle. It also ensures applicant satisfaction throughout the process.

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