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Insurance Professionals

Dynacare Insurance Solutions provides fast, accurate medical evidence and expertise you can count on. We are Canada's largest provider of medical insurance solutions. Look to us for end-to-end services including paramedicals, Attending Physician Statements (APS), tele-interviews (TI), e‑paramedical services (ePara), inspection reports, motor vehicle records, credit reports, and laboratory testing.

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Insurance Advisors

Dynacare Insurance Solutions has Canada’s largest network of healthcare professionals and collection services plus fast, convenient order handling. You also get valuable business tools and professional resources. Let Dynacare Insurance Solutions help you grow your business.

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Latest Updates

Dynacare Insurance Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of our enhanced
Order Management System

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Advisor Resources Centre

Stay up-to-date and grow your business! Here you will find marketing and sales tools, continuing education resources, as well as the latest information on health and wellness.

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Insurance Carriers

Our medical evidence solutions are timely and accurate so that you can make a well-informed decision. We enable you to achieve complete applicant health profiles through our paramedical services, ePara, tele-interviewing, APS, laboratory testing and more. We also help applicants better prepare for their medical examination to ensure a positive experience and the most accurate results.

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Insurance Health Professionals

Dynacare Insurance Solutions makes it easier to deliver insurance medical services efficiently. Our mobile-friendly ordering system keeps you up-to-date, provides easy access to your assigned paramedical appointments, and saves you time.

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