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Paternity Testing

Our DNA Paternity Test offers a clear unequivocal answer. If the alleged father is not the biological father, the probability of paternity will be 0%. If the alleged father is in fact the biological father, the paternity will be confirmed with a minimum probability of 99.99%.
The DNA test is performed on a buccal (mouth) swab sample. The swab is rubbed gently on the inside of the party’s cheek to collect a saliva sample. This simple, painless type of collection procedure is as reliable as a blood sample. Moreover, it can be performed easily on children and adults alike.
The Paternity Test is performed using samples collected at home, provided that you do not need the results of the DNA analysis for legal purposes. Our laboratory will send you a sampling kit containing all the necessary material for the collection of the samples as well as instructions and consent forms. If you need the results of the DNA test to be used in a legal context, Orchid PRO-DNA offers a service that ensures the admissibility of the test results in court. Samples are collected at one of our sample collection centres located throughout Canada.


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Paternity testing provides scientific evidence
of whether a man can be a child's biological father. Paternity is determined by comparing the child's DNA with the DNA profile of the alleged father.