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Cardiac Health

Holter Monitoring
Helping You Manage Your Patients’ Cardiac Health

Dynacare is proud to offer Holter Monitoring to help you manage your patients’ cardiac health. This non-invasive, pain-free system records heart activity for 24 to 72 hours at a time to help assess irregular heart rhythms, evaluate dizziness and fainting, determine the effects of heart drugs, and assess Pacemaker function.

Holter Monitors are significantly smaller and lighter than previous analogue recorders so cardiac monitoring is discreet and will not get in the way of your patients’ normal activities. Cardiac information is downloaded in real time to the recorders at our Dynacare Laboratory and Health Services Centres, where it is then sent out to medical consultants for interpretation. Their reports are returned electronically to Dynacare for distribution to you.

Since we have integrated digital Holter Monitoring technology into our wide network of Dynacare Laboratory and Health Services Centres, you’ll receive quick and easy access to the expertise of a cardiac specialist with a minimal wait time.

Find out more by accessing our Holter Monitor brochure