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Somatic Tumour Profiling


Make confident treatment decisions based on the entire tumour profile 

From a single tumour biopsy, analyzed by advanced NGS technology, OmniSeq INSIGHT identifies treatment options in one comprehensive, easy-to-read report. The patient report delivers complete INSIGHT into the tumor and its microenvironment by summarizing FDA-approved therapies, immunotherapies and eligible clinical trials for your patient’s solid tumour.

A consolidated assay for two different treatment paradigms:

Genomic profiling:
• 523 gene NGS panel
• MSl and TMB*
• DNA and RNA sequencing
• SNVs, indels, CNAs and fusions*
• Interrogation of fuII coding regions 

Immune profiling
• PD-L1 immunohistochemistry (IHC)
• 64 RNA expression/immune profiling genes by immune cycle step:
• T-cell priming/trafficking
• T-cell recognition
• T-cell infiltration
• Killing cancer cells
• Cancer testis antigens

INSIGHT is the only comprehensive test to contain all of the following:
• Genes aligned with FDA approvals, professional practice guidelines and clinical trials
• HRR/HRD-related* genes for PARP therapeutic selection
• Full coding region coverage for each gene which improves variant detection compared to “hotspot” testing strategies
• An RNA-seq hybrid capture approach which allows for the detection of common and novel fusions
• Targeting of unique emerging and actionable markers
• Immune gene expression (mRNA) analysis to evaluate the interaction between the tumour and its microenvironment

INSIGHT may be useful as a tool in various clinical settings, including:
• When guidelines recommend broad genomic profiling to evaluate genes with clinical evidence and therapeutic recommendations or when standard biomarker evaluation yields no targeted therapeutic option
• When a broad genomic profile identifies treatment options in clinical trials including immunotherapies and targeted therapies for patient enrollment
• When a cancer lacks an effective standard-of-care therapy at the time of diagnosis or when a tumour is poorly differentiated and of uncertain origin
• When relapse or disease progression has occurred prior therapies

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