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Trace Metal Analysis

Trace metal analysis (also known as heavy metals analysis or trace elements analysis) is used to:
  • screen for the presence of various naturally occurring metals in employees;
  • monitor exposure to these metals; or
  • evaluate suspected heavy metal toxicity in employees who may have been exposed to them in the workplace.
It may also be used to monitor the efficacy of chelation therapy - a treatment used to rid the body of high amounts of heavy metal.
We offer testing for the following elements:
Aluminum                 Cobalt                         Nickel
Antimony                  Copper                       Selenium
Arsenic                      Fluoride                     Silver
Beryllium                   Lead                           Thallium
Bismuth                     Manganese               Tin
Cadmium                   Mercury                      Vanadium
Chromium                 Molybdenum             Zinc