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Dynacare Workplace

Corporate Health
and Wellness

Dynacare offers tools to help you understand risk, engage employees and optimize your health and wellness investment.


Improving employee health and engagement to support a culture of wellness.

Approximately 70% of Canadian employers have recognized that employee health and wellness is a priority for their organization. While companies have implemented various programs, many are not experiencing results from these programs. That’s why we developed Dynacare Workplace Health and Wellness solutions that support a safe, health and engaged workforce, driven by data to provide measurable results for employers and optimal outcomes for employees.

Why Employers Choose Dynacare Workplace

We have combined our expertise in medical laboratory and health assessments with digital tools
and resources for better health management.

As a result, employees are able to understand their health status and are empowered to take an active role managing it. Likewise, employers will better understand their employee population health, know where to invest to maximize ROI, and will be able to track the results of their wellness program with the help of validated data.

Better engagement. Better health. Better outcomes

integrated health and wellness program

A fully integrated health and wellness program

Including onsite biometrics, logistics support, laboratory testing and accurate reporting

Promotional and marketing campaigns

Promotional and marketing campaigns

Collaborative, customized engagement campaigns to drive employee participation

Employee-focused health and wellness content

Employee-focused health and wellness content

Carefully curated health-related content to promote employee engagement and inspire healthy living

Tools and resources for better health management

Tools and resources for better health management

Employees receive free membership to Dynacare Plus to motivate them to take an active role managing their health


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Here’s How Dynacare Health
and Wellness Solutions Work






Personal Health
Insights for


for Employers


Collaborative Preliminary Planning

Leverage our expertise to drive participation in Wellness Clinics

The value we provide starts well before the first clinic date; we work with each employer to understand the unique needs of your workforce and then, design a test panel and employee engagement campaign to maximize participation.

To ensure the success of our on-site Wellness Clinics, we collaborate with employer and undertake significant strategic planning including shipping, logistics, scheduling health practitioners and customizing communications to drive participation.

In addition, our easy-to-use Online Scheduler provides employees with an efficient method to choose the time, date and location (if applicable) of their appointment. We provide regular reporting so that you can track enrolments and send reminders to employees to drive participation as the Wellness Clinic approaches.



On-site Employee Wellness Clinics

Gain validated data on your employee health population to maximize your wellness investments

Employees participate in a Wellness Clinic event at your organization. Our team of certified health professionals perform a biometric screening consisting of measuring each participant’s body mass index and blood pressure. They also collect specimens for a health panel that includes cholesterol tests, blood glucose, and more.

Through these on-site Employee Wellness Clinics, employers gain validated data about their employee population health to help them guide programming and optimize their corporate wellness investments.

Wellness testing data provides a benchmark to employers so that you can measure the impact of the corporate wellness initiatives year over year.



Personal Insights that Allow Employees
Better Manage Their Health

Empower employees with tools and health insights to
motivate them to take an active role managing their health

After participating in the screening clinics, employees receive a free subscription to Dynacare Plus, our digital health management tool used by over 160,000 members across Canada.

Employees will get their lab results directly on Dynacare Plus with easy-to-understand explanations of what their test results can mean to their health.

Also, with the help of trending charts, employees will be able to track their test results over time and see progress towards their health goals. These health insights will help them take proactive steps to better manage their health.

Dynacare Plus logo
Lab results screen

Access lab results fast

Track and trend lab results screen

Track and trend lab results over time

Track progress towards health goals screen

Track progress towards health goals

Store medical records screen

Store medical records in one place

Read content for healthy living screen

Read content for healthy living


Employees can also track their health data from their wearable devices – such as step trackers and glucose monitors – so they store all their health information in one secure, well-organized place.

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In-Depth Analysis of Employee Health Status

Receive validated data that yields a strong baseline for ROI measurement

Employers receive an annonymized, aggregate report on the health of their employee population, giving them a baseline measurement for their organization and helping them determine where to best invest.

After the completion of the Wellness Clinic, we will provide an Executive Summary detailing participation, number of critical results, and results of each test by gender, age band and location. Our analysis can be customized to capture results most relevant to each employer.

Man in hard hat smiling while at work

Solutions that Help Your Employees Thrive at Work and in Life

More and more organizations are recognizing the importance of employee health and safety. Dynacare Workplace helps employers create and manage programs to help optimize employee health and safety. We can help you:

  • improve workforce well-being
  • promote a strong wellness and safety culture
  • comply with regulatory safety requirements
  • make informed hiring decisions
  • support your employees’ mental health with the help of pharmacogenetic testing

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