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Corporate Wellness Services

We provide biometric and lab-based screenings that integrate with your employees' self-reported lifestyle habits and health information. This scientific approach reveals powerful insights that help empower your employees achieve measurable health improvements, higher productivity and lower health care costs. To accomplish this, we focus on distinct areas along the wellness continuum including:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity/exercise training
  • Weight management
  • Stress management
  • Tobacco cessation (smoking and smokeless)
  • Sleep disorders/fatigue management
  • Coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol/triglycerides, metabolic syndrome
  • Diabetes management  

Our programs include:

  • Health risk assessments (online)
  • Personalized goals and action plans/ education kits
  • Lifestyle health coaching programs (telephonic and web-based)
  • Self-help lifestyle management programs (online)
  • Robust analytics, data mining and aggregate outcome reporting capabilities
  • Health promotion and disease prevention consultative services for planning, development and evaluation. 


At Dynacare Workplace, biometric lab-based screenings are one of our core competencies.  They’re the foundation of any organization’s Wellness initiative because they provide the benchmark by which health improvement is measured.  That’s why so many employers trust us for precise measures of their employees’ health.
We cover your employees with broad access and program options. Customized programs can include blood draws for off-site or location-based employees, finger stick screening, and comprehensive, consumer-friendly online reports. 

Health Coaching

Individual Lifestyle Coaching programs provide significant benefits for improved health by modifying behaviours and reducing risk factors without medications.  These programs provide clinically significant results for diverse populations in multiple locations (including rural locations).  They also show measured health improvements over classroom-only programs.


Dynacare Workplace helps you champion wellness and promote health improvement in your organization by providing you with an "inside-out” report of your company’s wellness culture before you begin.  This report reflects the diverse perspectives in your workforce and integrates a thorough assessment of the work environment.  It provides insights on trends and opportunities to improve the health and well-being of your employees.


Dynacare Workplace Rewards empowers you to engage employees in their health by establishing attainable goals and rewarding those who reach them.

Scientific, Evidence-based Programs

Dynacare Workplace delivers lifestyle and disease management programs based on models shown to be effective in clinical trials.  Our programs have been validated in more than 100 peer-reviewed medical journals.  These studies prove that our programs effectively improve health and reduce both direct and indirect healthcare costs.
See examples of the scientific evidence that goes into the design and delivery of our corporate wellness programs.