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Companion and Complementary                    Diagnostics Programs

Program Management Services for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Clients

Dynacare is a leading provider of companion and complementary diagnostics programs in Canada. We offer a comprehensive range of program management services tailored to match client needs and ensure program success.

How Dynacare Supports Better Outcomes

Guided by our belief that life is precious, the Dynacare programs are designed to help pharmaceutical clients and physicians achieve better outcomes for their patients. Our robust capabilities support improved medical decision making and clinical benefits for patients:

Leading-edge medical laboratory technology 

Our highly customizable programs build on an unmatched diagnostic testing catalogue and leading-edge technology in molecular genetics, pathology, biochemistry and microbiology. We offer testing from our vast portfolio of testing services, or can develop testing solutions for specific client needs, delivering programs on budget and on time.

Extensive national collection network and logistics capabilities 

To ensure patients have convenient access to testing, Dynacare relies on a national collection network of more than 250 laboratory and health service centres, over 1,200 mobile health professionals and over 300 third party providers. 

National specialty service support team

For operational agility and ease, a dedicated client care team is provided for each program. Our account specialists are focused on supporting clients and patients to ensure optimal patient adherence and program efficacy.

Web-based program management and customized reporting

Our management and reporting tools allow for high customization and provide actionable insight into program performance.

Comprehensive Program Management Services

Dynacare works with each client to design custom programs, selecting the combination of services that best meets their needs. Available services include:

  1. Medical laboratory testing
  2. Genetics and pharmacy consultations
  3. Appointment management
  4. Patient support and adherence 
  5. Customized program management
  6. Customized management reporting

1. Medical Laboratory Testing

Dynacare offers Canada’s largest diagnostic test menu plus specialized services for healthcare providers and patients. Our laboratory volume exceeds 55 million tests per year, including:  

  • Companion/complementary diagnostics
  • Testing for antibody responses to biologics
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring of complex molecules including biologics
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Biomarkers
  • Cancer screening
  • Pharmacogenetic testing
  • TB screening

In addition to accurate, timely laboratory testing, Dynacare collaborates with clients as a healthcare solutions partner, developing specific and innovative diagnostic test services to help deliver the best healthcare possible. We find new and better ways to communicate results. We create meaningful patient experiences through convenient service centres and excellent customer service.

2. Genetics and Pharmacy Consultations

As a leader in the field of pharmacogenomics, Dynacare can arrange for access to clinical experts, providing physicians with an individualized consultation with a Doctor of Pharmacy.  Genetic counselling is also available to support both patients and physicians by identifying genetic risks, explaining appropriate genetic testing options and discussing the implications of test results. Our consultants can provide guidance to physicians in their conversations with patients, and help patients make their best healthcare decisions.

3. Appointment Management 

Our appointment management services keep patient participation and testing on plan with faster, streamlined testing completion. Our extensive national collection network ensures maximum access to testing. Patients value the convenience of nearby testing locations and flexible appointment arrangements, with the additional option of in-home collection by mobile health professionals. 

4. Patient Support and Adherence 

Our dedicated National Specialty Service Support Team is responsible for patient follow-up to optimize program participation, patient support and adherence. These personal contacts help to engage patients in managing their health while facilitating treatment monitoring and greater program efficacy

5. Customized Program Management 

The Dynacare Client Portal, our online communication tool, provides live data for insight into program performance and status of individual patients within the program. Our Client Portal lets users view requests, build and manage reports, track shipping and specimen status, and communicate online with Dynacare. Offering data visualization, automated program management and reporting, this digital tool also includes smart features to unify data from multiple sources with interactive reports.

6. Customized Management Reporting

Reporting solutions by Dynacare help program managers make informed decisions and save time with direct access to the information they need. Our easy-to-use report formats afford a high degree of customization, including tailored data visualizations, data segmentation, reporting frequency and transmission method.

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