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Dynacare Careers

Welcome to Dynacare Careers, your introduction to working for a company that’s committed to being Canada’s health and wellness solutions leader.

Every day our employees impact the lives of tens of thousands of patients and healthcare providers across Canada by delivering high-quality laboratory and health services. We also work with governments, hospitals, industry and other key stakeholders in order to benefit and improve Canada’s healthcare system.

We are focused on supporting healthy lives with commitment and care.  If you share this mission then you may have what it takes to join the Dynacare team. 

We invite you to learn more about working at Dynacare – a company that has been named one of Canada’s top employers year after year.


We’re Committed to a Balanced Workplace

At Dynacare, we believe that a life well balanced is a life well lived. We’re in the business of caring for people, and that includes our employees. So we offer a number of plans and programs to help employees achieve an optimal balance in their work and personal life.

For example, all employees start with three weeks paid vacation. In addition we provide our employees with two paid personal days each year to attend to personal or family issues that may arise.

We also offer programs that help employees with families better manage their childcare and working schedules. These include:
  • flexibility with shifts and rotations;
  • opportunities for condensed work weeks,
  • part-time hours; and
  • shared work weeks.

We’re Committed to Diversity

Dynacare is proud to be an equal opportunity employer committed to the attraction, selection, advancement and fair treatment of all individuals. We believe that our diversity is our strength so we employ a diverse workforce and respect the needs of all our employees.

We’re Committed to Supporting the Whole Person

Dynacare is committed to our employees’ overall well-being - at work, at home and in the community. That’s why we’ve established four foundational programs that support the whole person:
  • MyCommunity – encourages and supports employees who are active in their communities through scholarships and grants.
  • MyPerks @ Work - gives employees and their families access to instant discounts and deals on local entertainment, shopping, rentals and restaurants.
  • MyWork, Recognized - rewards employees that demonstrate our values and support our customer promise.
  • MyHealth - encourages employees to lead healthier lives through discounted fitness club memberships, lifestyle management assessments and more.

We’re Committed to Hiring the Best People

At Dynacare, we’re committed to delivering operational excellence every day and in every facet of our business. Why? We do this because our work directly impacts the lives of millions of Canadians every year. They deserve only one kind of care – the best. That means hiring people with the same appreciation and commitment to excellence. This commitment is a cornerstone of our success and greatly influences all aspects of our company - from our training and development to our technologies, procedures and service.

We’re Proud of Our Programs for Families

At Dynacare, we take pride in helping the families of our employees through initiatives such as our Scholarship Program. Every year we hand out 15 scholarship grants to children of our employees in order to help them pursue their post-secondary education and, most importantly, to encourage their life dreams.

We’re Committed to Continuous Learning

Dynacare is committed to investing in and supporting our employees' desire to further their career development and enhance their professional excellence. To do this we provide:
  • tuition reimbursement for external courses;
  • professional dues reimbursement;
  • an annual Education Symposium;
  • a Scholarship Program; and
  • in-house educational programs.


At Dynacare, caring is what we’re all about (that’s why it’s in our name!). This includes caring about our employees and doing our best to ensure their peace of mind. Our benefits focus on issues that have an impact not only on the lives of our employees, but also on those of their families. These include:
  • Extended health and dental benefits, along with long-term disability, life insurance, accident and travel insurance that give our employees a sense of security knowing they are covered for any unforeseen circumstances.
  • The ability to participate in a Group RRSP program that provides our employees with the opportunity to save for a comfortable retirement.

Current Opportunities

If you want to have a meaningful career that impacts lives every day, then we invite you to join our team of professionals who are passionate about supporting healthy lives and making a difference. Click HERE to search for current employment opportunities at Dynacare.

Recruitment Fraud

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated fraud involving the offer of fictitious job opportunities. This kind of fraud is normally done through unsolicited emails, online recruitment services such as LinkedIn, bogus websites and even text messages claiming to be from an employer such as Dynacare. The aim of the fraud is to obtain personal information or money. Recent incidents have occurred involving both individuals and organizations falsely claiming to recruit on behalf of Dynacare. Dynacare does not provide unsolicited offers of employment by phone or email.  Do not respond to unsolicited offers of employment from people claiming to work for, or be affiliated with, Dynacare. If you believe you have received a fraudulent communication, we would advise that you contact your local police.