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Customizable Thank You Cards

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Providing advisors with the tools and resources to grow their business

At Dynacare Insurance Solutions, we want to provide advisors with the tools and resources to help them build strong, long-lasting client relationships and develop a healthy referral network. Demonstrating our commitment to help advisors grow their business, we have developed a series of thank you cards.

Building trust with new clients

When people take that important step to purchase life insurance they want an advisor that will help them navigate this sometimes complex and daunting process. For many, it’s not just about choosing the amount and type of life insurance, but also choosing an advisor they believe will effectively guide them through the process. Partnering with an advisor that they trust is the first major step in the life insurance selection process for clients.  

Life insurance is a key decision for families. A decision that people want to make with someone they trust. In order to establish that trust, advisors need to demonstrate their commitment and care.

Benefits of a thank you card

Sending a thank you card after meeting with a client can help establish a positive impression of you, especially when the card is sent after a positive meeting with a client. It demonstrates your commitment, professionalism and motivation to become their advisor. Taking the time to make that extra effort shows you care. A card that includes your contact details provides the opportunity to engage and reconnect with potential and existing clients.

It can also serve as a useful reminder to clients about moving onto the next stage of the life insurance selection process. People are busy, and while you know how important life insurance is, a client’s life can be filled with family and work commitments – a sea of people that they interact with every day.  Sending a thank you card can provide an opportunity to get back in front of potential clients and continue to build that relationship.

Tips on when to use the card

  • As a follow-up after a client meeting.
  • Accompany documents that you send your client such as a personalized document detailing the proposed coverage you are recommending.
  • Follow-up with existing clients to enquire about their insurance needs. A client’s life insurance requirements can change over time. A thank you card that accompanies a follow-up email can be a great icebreaker.

Providing useful content to build client relationships

Partnering your customized thank you card with content that is of value to customers can also strengthen your ability to connect with them and open communication channels.

Our guide on how to manage your cholesterol is a downloadable pdf that is useable, digestible content that can demonstrate your genuine interest in a client’s well-being. 

Our guide on how to manage your cholesterol can be found at, located in our For Your Applicants section. For instant access, please click here.
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