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Customizable Holiday Greeting Cards

Dynacare Insurance Solutions has developed customizable holiday greeting e-cards that can be used to build customer loyalty and grow long-lasting client relationships.

Build customer loyalty and a referral network

Taking the time to send a customized holiday card to your clients demonstrates your commitment and care. Your effort demonstrates you are interested in a relationship with your clients – not just a one time sale. And that can make the difference between a one-time purchase and repeat customer, or a great reference from an impressed client.  

Focus on new business from existing clients

Building a marketing and sales plan that include tactics aimed at both new client acquisition and securing repeat business from existing clients is an effective way to grow your business. Remember, life insurance needs can change over time for your clients, a holiday greeting card is an effective way to reach out and connect, keeping your services front and centre. Even if you provide great customer care and advice, your clients may need a friendly reminder that you’re available.

Kickstart your 2018 marketing efforts

While the holidays is all about spending time with family and making memories, it’s also a time for reflection. People take stock of the year and start planning what they want to achieve in the year ahead.
A well timed holiday greeting card can be that subtle reminder to consider reviewing their insurance coverage as a goal for the new year, ensuring they have a strong safety net for their loved ones.

A great way to tee up your outreach efforts for 2018

A holiday card should only be the start of your marketing efforts, follow-up in January with an email or letter wishing them a happy new year and that you’re available for them to discuss their financial and insurance needs. 
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