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Our Services

What We Do

At Dynacare, our services are as extensive as our history is deep. Our roots lie in providing essential medical testing that empowers patients and their physicians to better diagnose, understand and manage medical conditions. In recent years we have expanded our services to include advanced genetic testing, digital health, corporate wellness programs, mobile testing as well as a number of specialized services for the insurance industry. 

We do all this through the five brands that make up the Dynacare family:

Dynacare Laboratories is our core brand that provides services like collection and transportation of specimens, accurate testing and prompt reporting of results to patients, healthcare professionals, hospitals, corporate clients and government agencies across Canada.
  • Dynacare Plus is our consumer-focused brand that empowers individuals to take control of their personal health management via a secure online patient portal that delivers customized health information, test results, patient-friendly explanations of these results and personal health trends.
  • Dynacare Insurance Solutions is focused on the evolving needs of the insurance industry. We provide risk assessment services to life insurance companies and insurance advisors that include everything from lab testing and paramedical exams to tele-interviews and wellness services.
  • Dynacare Workplace helps employers improve the health and safety of their workforce.  We are a leading provider of workplace programs that promote wellness and disease prevention as well as occupational health testing to ensure that each employee is medically and physically fit for the job.
  • Dynacare Next is dedicated to shaping the future of diagnostics through highly advanced services such as specialized genetic testing and pharmacogenomics. 

How We Do It

We promise to:
  • understand your needs and deliver the right solutions
  • provide everyone we serve with respectful and compassionate care;
  • reassure and empower people to make informed health decisions that can have a positive impact on their lives;
  • inspire confidence through every interaction