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Because Life is Precious

Dynacare is working to create a healthy future by:

  • Helping Canadians manage their health through convenient, understandable and accessible healthcare.
  • Giving health care providers access to the latest advances for better patient outcomes.
  • Supplying insurance professionals with smarter client health data for well-informed decisions.
  • Supporting workplaces with safety and wellness solutions to keep workers safe for work and life.

Dynacare for Patients and Individuals


Dynacare Blood Test Labs
& Health Services

The care you need is just around the corner. With handy locations and extended hours, our Laboratory and Health Services Centres deliver just what you need, when and where you need it.

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Dynacare Plus
Get your Test Results Online

Let Dynacare Plus help you take control of your health. Check your lab test results conveniently online and understand what they mean to you.

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Latest Updates

Dynacare is pleased to announce the acquisition of Unicity Laboratory and X-Ray Services in Manitoba


Please click below to find a location in Manitoba

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Dynacare for Healthcare Providers and Hospitals


Get Patient Results

When timing is critical, eResults is your window to the earliest possible test results.

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Get all the information you need to order more than 1000 medical tests.

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Dynacare for Insurance Professionals


Dynacare Insurance Solutions

Dynacare Insurance Solutions provides fast, accurate medical evidence and expertise you can count on. We are Canada’s largest provider of medical insurance solutions. Look to us for end-to-end services including paramedicals, Attending Physician Statements (APS), tele-interviews, e-paramedical services (ePara), inspection reports, motor vehicle records, credit reports, and laboratory testing.

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Dynacare for Workplace


Dynacare Workplace

Drug and Alcohol Testing, and Corporate Health and Wellness Solutions

Solutions for a healthy workplace and a healthy life.

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What is Next?

The future of diagnostic testing is at Dynacare today.

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